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At Mido this year, X-IDE® will focus on craftsmanship, offering frames with specific features which adapt to all types of consumer needs: a new approach designed to segment the offering through a much wider product range, which continues to focus on colour schemes and design.

The new X-IDE collection proposes very distinctive themes as regards the philosophy of the product which is orientated towards the different seasons and for selected target groups, from teenagers to older customers. Each customer group has different requirements and for this reason, X-IDE wishes to propose a product adapted to every need for each individual target group.

The series X-CHANGE, for example, is created for a creative, innovative audience who loves to wear a different look each day, depending on their mood or clothing. Thanks to an interchangeable structure, this product permits the wearer to create pleasant colour combinations by choosing different colour schemes for themselves each day. The structure of the frames is given an ice coloured satin base colour – which stays the same for all the combinations – combined with a front bar offered in 4 colours. The X-CHANGE models are presented and sold in a transparent soft protective case which contains one complete frame and an interchangeable coloured bar.

For a young target group, such as well-informed university students, X-IDE proposes X-FUN, a series of frames for those who choose their clothing and accessories very carefully in accordance with their personality. The styles in this range therefore reflect the easy-to-wear product philosophy and they reflect, in the colours and design, the distinctive, determined personality of those who pick them.

The traditional design and sense of style typical of the X-IDE brand are celebrated by and are the protagonists of X-ORIGINAL: this collection represents a group of values which the consumer perceives as the innovative tradition of IMMAGINE EYEWEAR. The target for this line is involved in the world of advertising, design, fashion, music, food and art.

At Mido 2011, the Urban Retro tastes of a cross-section of the public – very young consumers and very well-informed and well-educated ones – are met by some of the models in the X-IDE collection which have a particular significance. The X-VINTAGE models offer a clever mix of experimental technology with an innovative system for flexible temples created especially for these models, united with classic retro forms.

Finally, the X-DIAMOND collection is the result of technical requirements and is targeted at adults and mature consumers. This eyewear has been created for women who love the unmistakable style of X-IDE®, characterised by captivating, dynamic forms, adapted to the use of progressive lenses and therefore tending to be larger than normal corrective lenses. The woman who wears X-DIAMOND is very demanding and wants a sophisticated, trendy product. X-IDE has found the perfect solution!

Each and every one of the models in the new X-IDE® collection responds to the requirements and tastes of each group of consumers, offering the public a range of forms, structures and colours which carefully reflect the versatile and dynamic identity of a brand which is in constant evolution.

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