About Us

Welcome to GM Optical Fashion Group

GM OPTICAL was born in 1996 with a vision. Today that vision is proudly known as GM OPTICAL FASHIONS "GMO". Our aim is, not to be another optical company but Rather to be the brightest shining star in the sky bringing old values and principles back. It has been an adventure of growth, success and making a positive difference in the lives of our clients, staff, and suppliers. We have built and continue to build very special bonds with our publics. We achieve this with constant hard work, commitment and dedication. Integrity, transparency, heart and soul is what makes GM OPTICAL FASHIONS , the unique company that it is.

GM OPTICAL FASHIONS "GMO" a complete turnkey solution to enable you, our customer, the convenience of buying the majority of your EYEWEAR requirements through one supplier, thereby reducing your administrative burden. Our suppliers are chosen with the utmost care & we have developed a strong working relationship with them over many years of business. This enables us to secure the best possible pricing for our customers.

Our extensive product knowledge and choice of suppliers is aimed at meeting the highest standards of business, which in turn, means better service overall. Relationships lie at the heart of GM OPTICAL FASHIONS . We invest a great deal of care & attention in building and maintaining these relationships. Through all of this we strive to offer our customers exceptional service, products and above all an exemplary working relationship.

We only supply reputable brands with necessary guarantees and warrantees, providing our customers with peace of mind.